Lightening Body Lotion Set

- yellow pepper body lotion $120
- face cream $40
- glow oil $30
- molato soap $45
- face toner $30
- whitening face serum $35
- lightening body scrub $45

Face wash $30

How to use your lightening body lotion set.

_ wet your body and scope some of your lightening body scrub and apply on your body. massage on your body well and leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse off.

- Apply your molato soap next. This should be used everyday for effective results.

-The face toner should be used with a face cotton. Pour some of the toner on the face cotton and wipe your face thoroughly down to your neck. Do not wash off, allow it to dry in to your face.

- use your Whitening face serum next after using your face toner.

-use your white me face cream last on your face after using your whitening face serum.

- your body lotion should be used along with the body glow oil. Apply your body lotion then apply your glow oil for effective results. 

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